Looking for a house like new Owner only stayed here for 2 years (during pandemic) to keep his family safe. You should consider buying this._x000D_
67sqm lot area, 107sqm floor area_x000D_
2Toilet and Bath_x000D_
Desired price:_x000D_
3M assume, 5.6M spot cash_x000D_
Current market value as of March 2022 is 6M. SAVE 400K ❤️❤️❤️_x000D_
Preferred payment: Cash_x000D_
> 3 split-type inverter aircons on all rooms_x000D_
> no frost inverter 2-door refrigerator_x000D_
> cabinets on 2 rooms_x000D_
> queen size bed on master’s bedroom_x000D_
> dining table and chairs_x000D_
> sala set_x000D_
> has electricity and water_x000D_
> has 100mbps fiber internet_x000D_
Located perfectly with your needs._x000D_
> 5-10min access to SRP_x000D_
> near Robinsons Lawaan and All Day Supermarket_x000D_
> near Wilcon Depot, All Home, and other hardware stores_x000D_
> near Yul’s Merchandise, mini-marts, and convenience stores_x000D_
> near water refilling and laundry stations_x000D_
> near car wash and vulcanizing services_x000D_
> near pharmacies_x000D_
> near fish/meat shops and wet markets_x000D_
Preferred viewing time:_x000D_
Tue-Saturday 10AM-4

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